Congrats to Phill Carrell from Carlsbad, NM for his free entry to the 2012 Mesquite Amateur!

Thank you all for taking the time and filling out our survey for this years event.  We do read all of the comments and feedback and see where we can improve the event.  If you have not filled out the survey you can still fill it out online.

60 Responses to “Congrats to Phill Carrell from Carlsbad, NM for his free entry to the 2012 Mesquite Amateur!”

  1. Alan Oleson says:

    I have a hard time trying to understand playing from under 6000 yards. It totally changes the game for most golfers who play from that distance so rarely and doesn’t seem to be fair. Our hdcp’s are typically derived from courses we play that are over 6100 yards and now we get to play driver wedge on most par 4s…I spend the rest of the year trying to play to the hdcp that I get for the rounds I shoot at Mesquite and the World Amateur…they represent my low tournament scores typically for the entire year…

  2. David says:

    That is way I keep my bartending side job what I make I use for my Mesquite trip, and I am set.
    with a little help from my winnings in Vegas last month.
    just remember I have the first round!!
    No sun snow on the ground and 35 but still got some good swings at
    Top Golf last night.

  3. Kerry says:

    At 55, I play from the same as David, of course I am a much higher HI. Over 20.
    Now the bad news. The wife borrowed my Golf Vacation Money.
    Of course this was with the sincere promise to have it repaid
    before I would need it. I did explain that I would need my entry fee for
    Mesquite Amateur soon, so she left me that money. And since my Hotel
    is already paid for, Gas & Food & Drink money is all I’ll need for Mesquite.
    But, My second Golf Vacation Starts a week after I get home from Mesquite.
    I travel to San Fransisco for the 2012 US Open. Volunteer fee is already
    paid. Hotel Reservations are made, not paid. As long as I get repaid, I’m fine. Hey the sun came out. First time in over a week. Still only 20* though.

  4. David says:

    At 58 now I have always played from 5800 to 6200 here in Chicago and will play from any where, but you are right the lower handycapers should play from the back tee’s and us middle handycapers as 12 and up should be from the middle tee’s.
    Just put me on a golf course and I am happy playing any tee!!!
    It is snowing so I am going to Top Golf tonigth just to get some swings in
    have not touch my clubs since Thanksgiving week in Mesquite.
    Have a great holiday all stay save.

  5. Dale Kent says:

    Lets hope we don’t have the high winds to deal with this year. But we survived last year so I’m sure we could manage agin.

    Merry Christmas and happy new years to all of you. See you all in Mesquite when the weather is warm and the adult beverages are flowing.

  6. george salcedo says:

    Not very far, and i agree with you on the distances. Have a great holiday season. STMF

  7. Dale Kent says:

    I’m 65 also so I understand what Jerry is talking about with all the aches and pain but I play 6200 to 6300 yds four days a week and to be honest I am usually hitting a 8 down to a pitching wedge on my second shot into par 4’s and driver 5 iron 52 or 54 degree wedge in on par 5’s, so in my opinion 69 and down should never play less then 6000 yds under any circumstance.

    The big question George, is how far did that same 5 iron go against the wind at the Conestoga skins game go?

  8. George Salcedo says:

    Yea I enjoyed Conestoga too in the wind. On 18 with the wind behind us I hit my 5 iron over 250 It was awesome. Made me feel like a tour player haha. Only 175 days till we do it again. STMF

  9. Jerry says:

    It is all in the course design and setup. Those of you that played Conestoga in the skins game will know what I am about to say is true? I played it as a practice round from something over 6300 yards and with the trouble at the end of the fairways and the down hill rolls on alot of the fairways; it played like a 5900 yard course. Wind makes a lot of difference which was seen during the skins and not during my practice round. I actually shot my best round of the week there and of course it had to be a practice. Good that your knee is doing great.I feel my age group should be able to handle any course up to 6200 yards and be fair to all, even those of us that have minor/major ailments. Distance can be an equalizer depending on course setup. Those of you from up north need to come to FL for some good golf weather, mostly in the mid 70’s.

  10. George Salcedo says:

    Your right Jerry and last year on 2 of the courses we played i did use alot of my clubs. I hit everything from driver to 6 iron off the tee and that was on the par 4 and 5’s. Some of our courses in Mesquite although very beautiful don’t have much choice between the back tees and the next tee up. For example Oasis Canyon is almost 6500 fromthe back and the next tee up is 5800 and some change. No one should be playing from that close, it becomes a pitch and putt. Now if you read my original post I said the 49 and under flight, not the 65 and over bulging disk flight, haha. And just to let you know my godfathers senior group who are all 65 and up and some are over 75 play from at least 6200 three times a week. I just want to see us play from proper distances and maybe the scores wouldn’t be so low and more people will come enjoy the tourney. After all its about growing the tournament that we all love. And by the way I have gotten in 5 rounds since the knee surgery all from over 6500 and its holding up great. Thanks for asking. George STMF

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